slow businessslow businessOriginally, I wanted to call my business model SLOW BUSINESS (à la Slow Food). But then I imagined what could be understood under slow business: the telephone accessibility difficult, e-mails are answered after weeks, if at all, the process of ordering takes half an eternity, the shipping even longer. Business at turtle speed.

So I called it FLOW BUSINESS instead. Business in flow state...flow businessflow business

I intend to explore what this means for me, and what I find, I'll try and share with you.


WEINE, DIE VERZAUBERN (engl. SPELLBINDING WINES) has no public store with opening hours, but a direct sale (by appointment), no webshop, but still the ability to order online (by email) and get wines delivered, no presence on the social networks, but a lot of communication (more on the contact page).

WEINE, DIE VERZAUBERN deals with wines, the CONTENT of wine bottles. It's about sharing my enthusiasm for great winemakers and delightful wines and selling those wines to appreciative customers. Apart from the communication, which is very important to me, the further frills and trappings remain rather secondary.


You want to personally pick up some wines, then please contact me (by phone or e-mail) and arrange a pick-up date and time. ATTENTION: a pick up is only possible with CASH PAYMENT, unless you have transferred by bank transfer in advance.

Payment by card will soon be possible.


It is also possible to have your wines delivered to you within Essen City. Please ask about the delivery fees and times.

I'm currently working on a delivery system by local courier - the details will be announced soon.


You can order by e-mail, combined with a telephone call, if you need some advice. Your request will be processed promptly, after which you will receive an invoice by e-mail. On receipt of payment, the wines will be shipped to you.

Possibilities for online payments are being worked on.



For packets, UPS is currently my preferred shipping company: fast and reliable. I do not know yet how fair the UPS corporate structures are, whether there are more sustainable alternatives, or whether you, as a customer, would be prepared to pay more for them (but I do care). One has to start somewhere!

While planning the shipping, I always try to avoid (in consultation with the buyer) weekend storage along the way. In extreme weather (heat or cold), I usually suggest that we wait (or use express shipping). International shipping with a temperature-controlled supply chain is possible, but currently rather expensive.

If you're in a hurry, there are various express versions possible - within Germany, for instance, there's Express (guaranteed delivery by 12:00 noon on the next working day) or Express Early Morning (guaranteed delivery by 9:00 a.m. on the next working day). Please contact me for details.


Whether or not VAT (sales tax) will be charged depends upon the land of destination, the quantities ordered and the kind of customer (private or business, and if business, liable to sales tax or not). In some cases (private customers from the EU with large orders) it might be necessary to use the tax rate of the land of destination.