I would be happy to supply wines to business customers (trade and gastronomy) at special rates, which may vary depending upon the quantities purchased and the type of cooperation.

Gastronomy customers can count on intensive support, tailor-made solutions and flexibility. Indifference is not part of my repertoire.

For business customers, the wine selection listed here is more representative than detailed. Only a fraction of the wines that have been tasted, found to be excellent and added to the virtual list are listed on the sales list presented here. So feel free to consult me about the selection of your wines - we will certainly find the appropriate wines to suit your needs - unless, of course, you're looking for mass produced wines!


Institutional and private buyers, who would like to buy larger quantities for an event or a series of events, would receive similar conditions - depending on the purchased quantity - as commercial customers.

Here, too, I would recommend that we talk it over in detail.


I would be pleased to organize guided tastings, wine seminars, wine-accompanied menus or other exciting wine-events for you.

Make your event more enjoyable and unforgettable with a wine bar, where more than just one sparkling, white and red wine are being offered (with a predecided price-range and variety that has been talked over with you). Served by someone who can inform your guests about the wines that are being served.